yuj baby yoga

The Origins of Baby Yoga 

Baby yoga as been practiced in India for years. Its exact origins are not certain and It is not clear whether it began as a separate discipline to adult yoga or whether it originated from instinctive movements which mothers practiced with their babies after birth.

The routines and postures of adult yoga has been adapted for young children and babies.

This does not mean parents and instructors attempt to force the child’s body into odd shapes, nor do they pressure the baby to perform in a class room on a yoga mat!

Baby Hatha Yoga is a technique for both mother/caregiver and baby to work in yuj/unity loving and empowering each other.

Hatha yoga is known as the branch of yoga that unites pairs of opposites referring to the positive ( ha – sun) and the negative (tha – moon). Historically, however , the term hatha refers to the use of persistence and hatha yoga is translated as a kind of “compelled yoga”  or abstract menditation, forcing the mind to withdraw from external objects.

Yuj 5 week baby yoga class works on the union of balance of body and mind, using postures and concentration of breathing which in time will be clear is part of both mother/caregiver and baby’s natural disposition.

Giving a child the best possible start to life- health, happiness, security and the feeling of being loved.

Benefits of baby yoga

  • Post-natal weight loss, relaxation and social interaction for mum/carer
  • Helps confidence in social interaction for baby – learnt behaviour
  • ‘Emotional intelligence’ yoga in collaboration with carer helps recognize and read emotions in ourselves and others , healthy emotional processing.
  • Helps develop the ability to respond appropriately and to control emotions appropriately
  • Helps release blockages of tension in the body, tension can block the flow of energy and cause the body to tighten, and become painful. a colicky baby for example may have tension in the digestive system. or  babies and mums who may have experienced a difficult pregnancy or birth and need that tension release.
  • Helps balance co-ordination and motor skills
  • Improves muscle development
  • promotes better quality of sleep
  • Develops physical confidence and spatial awareness
  • Stimulates the brain creating positive neurological pathways

Classes, prices & Bookings

Class size

maximum 10, this does not include one support partner which is      optional.
Price : £15 per person for 1.5 hour session. £75 for full 5 week course person.

1 hour baby yoga and 30 min nutrition and weight management advice and guidance (individual consultations can be booked  after the 5 week course)

Included in price

location hire

complimentary massage oil (optional)

handouts for each session

half an hour nutrition and weight management group consultation

certificate on completion of course,

free refresher class

Yoga mats to use  in class only (however you are welcomed to being your own)

stimulating safe toys

soft sounds of nature

complimentary herbal teas

Not included in price: towels, water bottles, nappies ( however if you have forgotten limited few maybe available)


please call or email Shanti

Call: 07814965210 (please leave voice message if not able to answer call)

email: info@yujtherapies.co.uk / shanti@yujtherapies.co.uko use