yuj baby massage

Origins of baby massage

In many cultures, in  particular the Indian cultures  massaging is part of an every day routine practice.

In Asia, infant massage is a long-established mothering tradition, passed down from generation to generation (Porter, 1996). Influenced by Florence Nightingale, massage training was provided by nurses and physicians for many health-related conditions during the 1880s and into the 1900s (Ruffin, 2011).

Midwives ‘massage’ newborns through drying to stimulate a response to take their first breath.

In the west the idea of baby massage as a concept was first introduced in the USA during the mid-1970’s and two decades later, in 1993, The Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami’s School of Medicine (1.), conducted a study of Indian mothers performing traditional massage on their new-born’s which improved the mood and sleeping patterns of the babies.

Benefits  of baby massage 

  • Great way for parents to communicate with their babies through touch
  • Promotion of bonding and secure attachment
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Demonstrating love
  • Stimulating baby’s major internal systems and neurological and physical development i.e. Circulatory, Digestive, Hormonal , Immune, Lymphatic, Nervous, Respiratory and Vestibular systems
  • Regular massage and yoga can also stimulate muscle development, tone improving baby’s mind and body
  • neck and shoulder massage for mums either before or after session to give mum well deserved attention and ease any tension in that area.

Classes, prices & Bookings

Class size

maximum 10, this does not include one support partner which is      optional.
Price : £15 per person for 1.5 hour session. £75 for full 5 week course person.

1 hour baby yoga and 30 min nutrition and weight management advice and guidance (individual consultations can be booked  after the 5 week course)

Included in price

location hire

complimentary massage oil (optional – please bring your own if you have a preferred oil or cream)

handouts for each session

half an hour nutrition and weight management group consultation

certificate on completion of course,

free refresher class

Yoga mats are available to provide extra cushioning under towel for baby to lay down for massage, however this is optional and not needed as a towel over a changing mat is just as comfy,

stimulating safe toys

soft sounds of nature

complimentary herbal teas

Not included in price – so please remember

Towels – best to bring your own however some may be available forgotten.

water bottles



please call or email Shanti

Call: 07814965210 (please leave voice message if not able to answer call)

email: info@yujtherapies.co.uk / shanti@yujtherapies.co.uko use