about Yuj

Yuj therapies is a an optimum nutrition and well being lifestyle service.  working with individuals and or families through nutrition therapy, weight management and holistic family well being therapy ( baby yoga and massage) presented by Shance ( Syeda)

  • Qualified baby yoga & baby massage instructor from Hands on Baby – accredited by RMC (Royal College of Midwives ) practiced – 6 years
  • Nutrition Specialist – nutrition therapy and nutrition and weight management   practiced 9 years (Future Fit training – 2009 -2012).

Yuj thearpies focuses on giving advice, guidance and personal nutrition therapy plans. Working with individuals and families to positively change concerned nutrition and well being lifestyle habits.   

Nutrition therapy to overcome and support;

(dependent on initial consultation)

  • healing intestinal permeability, inflammation of the gut 
  • stress, anxiety, mood, ‘beating the ‘blues
  • brain fog, lack of concentration , low energies
  • weight management
  • eczema, and other skin conditions

Yuj- Unite aims to combine nutritional therapy with holistic family well being -working together provides most successful and sustainable change, happier and more positive environment for whole family.

The promotion of unified family change is at the core of Yuj therapies mission.

Vision: Strengthen the mind, body, mood and confidence of individuals, families, postnatal mother’s/carer’s, their partners and baby,  collaborative sharing of understanding and knowledge of Yuj Lifestyle.

Optimum health and well being can only be sustained with the foundation of working together.

Mission: Yuj – unite,  a name that underpins the essence of our mission, to outsource knowledge, understanding and experience of the amazing benefits of  baby yoga, massage and know how to use  natural foods /nutrition to heal and provide amazing remedies in living an optimum peace of mind, body and spiritual being.